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I don't take every wedding I'm asked to photograph because it's so important that we're a good match and share the same values.

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Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

Jeremy Cover Photography

I’m Jeremy Cover, Atlanta Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photographers near me


Wedding Photographers near me

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

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Your wedding day is made up of thousands of moments and interactions that are the very richest parts of life.

To me, they feel like a really special treasure hunt, and capturing such fleeting but significant memories makes me feel so fulfilled. Contact Jeremy Cover Photography


Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

My approach is documentary-style, or photojournalistic. I observe, anticipate, and beautifully capture the unique candid moments that unfold so you can hold on to them forever.

I am discreet & respectful of letting moments happen, but I’m not afraid to step in when more hands-on direction is needed (hello, group shots).

I am curious, empathetic, and fascinated by people. To put it simply: I know and love my craft. Atlanta Wedding Photographer, Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

I strive to create lasting memories with emotion and I are just as passionate about your memories as you. Atlanta Wedding Photographer, Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

It’s hard to put into words how much I love what we do. It ignites a fire inside my soul to be able to witness people experience what may be one of the greatest, most emotional days of their lives. Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

I live and breathe the couples that give me the opportunity to continue doing what I love so dearly. I believe in having a personal connection with every couple I work with.

You’re my friends, not my clients. Atlanta Wedding Photographer, Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

I believe in capturing the moments in between. Capturing the happily unplanned doesn’t happen with a pose, it happens when everyone is comfortable enough to just let loose and be themselves. Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

You deserve so much more than a “look at me and smile” picture, you deserve pictures that are going to capture the essence of who you are.

On your wedding day, if you’re the bride or groom, you’ll easily miss 70% of what happens on your big day. Contact Jeremy Cover Photography

Family members hugging, kids dancing, missed tears, and the many laughs and genuine smiles that your day brings. In essence, I totally don’t care to creep in a bush and shamelessly take pictures of your loved ones just being who they are.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer, Jeremy Cover Photography

Contact Jeremy Cover Photography Atlanta Wedding Photographer