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Imagine if you didn't have to worry about whether or not you'd love your wedding pictures...

Ongoing Social Media Content

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Social media posts don't have to be a nightmare to come up with...

What if you had ready-to-go content guaranteed to catch your followers eyes?

What if you didn't have to deal with struggling to figure out what to post or or how to take pictures good enough to really stand out? The value of having consistent images that fit your brand and feel cohesive to your customers cannot be overstated in today's market. That's why I've begun partnering with local businesses to help YOU and your business stand out from the crowd.


Here's how it works:

1. You set aside 1 hour per month for your session (it can even be during business hours!)

2. We create all of your key social media content for the entire month

It's really that easy!

We'll start with a 15-20 minute conversation to get set up, and can schedule the first session as soon as you'd like.

Each session, we'll deliver 30 images for you to fill your social media calendar for the month.

You'll have the pictures in your inbox within 3 days!

Custom packages are also available if you're looking for more.


30 images, 3 day turnaround time



So why is an award winning wedding photographer doing this now?

Hey there! I'm Jeremy, and my photography career has been a bit complicated to say the least...

Without going into the early details, I had just transitioned to doing wedding photography full time when an opportunity with the Marine Corps Band came up that was too good to turn down. I loved doing weddings, but with my current schedule with the Marines, booking weddings multiple years out simply isn't possible anymore.

So I began thinking, "how can I keep doing photography in ways that I'll enjoy? I thought about the many types of photography that even just one wedding day required and there was one that kind of surprised me.

I use photography to tell stories. It started as couple's love stories, but there are so many other stories that can be told, including the story of your business.

On any given wedding day, I functioned as a photojournalist, portrait photographer, and event photographer, among many other things. But one style of photography that I didn't realize was as fun as it has been all along was detail and venue photography.

Every wedding album would be incomplete without establishing shots of the venue(s) and the smaller details like place settings, furniture, food, etc. I've been doing this type of photography for multiple years and now you get to take advantage of it to help your business stand out and grow!

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Working with Jeremy is easy!

"He understands what you're wanting and can create flawless photos quickly. He's laid-back and shows up having already gone the extra mile (or 10!)"


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